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Ethical Christian business practices

For Christians, the problems of economic ethics are becoming increasingly important.

This is due to the rapid formation of market relations in our country and the construction of a new, moral society based on the commandments of God, as well as the need for their adoption in the modern world. We are gonna collaborate with our friends at Ten Tipper to explore the world of business ethics for Christian business owners and managers.

Today, many thinking people do not pay attention to the economic crisis, but to the spiritual and moral crisis, which has pierced practically all spheres of life: politics, culture, family relations, and education, as well as the sphere of financial activity. Some even boldly declare that morality and ethics are almost completely absent, especially in the business sphere, because each of us is faced daily with situations where we are weighed down or cheated on the market, shops sell low-quality products, and in the business sphere the likelihood of a fair deal almost reduced to zero.

Why is morality so important to man?

Because it is the moral (moral) qualities that are the highest feelings, experiences related to the attitude of a person towards other people, towards society, towards their public duties. Without morality, man simply cannot be man.

But this is how the Creator made him. Moral is inextricably linked with God!

A few millennia ago, God shared with His people the principles of morality that the whole world today knows as the Ten Commandments! The first four of them reflect the attitude of a person directly to His Creator, and the six others speak about relationships with other people and show the moral and ethical side of our being. In turn, four of these commandments speak directly connected with property and business relations between people: do not steal, do not desire what your neighbor has; do not lie, work six days, but give one day to the Lord.

The moral values ​​are described in some detail in the New Testament.

The New Testament apostolic epistles are a mirror in which practically all aspects of the life of early Christian society are fairly accurately reflected. In each of the Epistles included in the Bible canon, the apostles do not cease to call for love, patience, honesty, compassion, and hard work.

corporate ethics

In today’s business relations, there is the identification that ethics can be considered an essence of success for modern organizations. This essence is presented through actions among business agents, such as customers, suppliers, competitors and among the company’s own employees.

To act ethically in this context means to act according to certain rules and precepts. But it turns out that many companies disclose rules, or even codes of ethics, but fail to comply. With this we can observe the difficulty of coordinating the discourse with daily practice. But how can you disseminate such values ​​and at the same time get their application? How to manage the most diverse interests of employees taking into account the importance of ethics? These are some of the questions that the article presents for reflection from practical examples, including the exhibition of the concepts involved.

The rationale for discussing these issues is due to the fact that people demonstrate higher levels of commitment by feeling that their companies work smoothly and integrity. It is the so-called example, which contributes to the dissemination of these values ​​within organizations.