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Rewards of living a life as a Christian

Christianity appears to come at the steep price. When Jesus was here on earth tells said that whoever wants to follow him, he or she needs to lay down the life. At times it can be very hard to do so, especially when you cannot see the direct benefits. To become a Christian, one gains living a lot. Here are some of them being a Christian which makes everyone to live for Christ.

God Change Your Perspective

When you’re living as a Christian and you realize the world round you is actually lost without Jesus, the personal life gets put into the right perspective. Your priorities, problems and the outlook completely change when you’ve discovered the life’s purpose. There is a demand for ever come to be Christ followers. People’s life and yourself change differently and things which were bothering you or consuming your thoughts, gradually diminish. You just listen to your friends or neighbors, complaining about their life but and you get to know you are different now.

You are free to be yourself

Another gain of living as a Christian when you once come to the Lord, you have a new freedom of caring what the others think of. Before you become saved, you only care for yourself affairs, addicted to care about your appearance, dress size, and social status. Certainly, this mindset is not out of the self-adoration, it does result from the low self-worth together with the need for loving and accepting who you are.

Receive the personal connection with Christ Jesus

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Jesus Christ is a friend to the whole of your life. Think of having a lifelong friend and the companion, teacher and mentor, the role model and the assistance in all situations in life. Jesus Christ is such the person to us all. He passed temptation like us in all things but he overcame them all sin being included. Sin is anything which goes contrary to God’s will together with His laws. When you commit sin it means you have disobeyed these laws. A lust to sin lives in human nature. Likewise, it is motivated and contaminated by sinful tendencies which live in all people resulting in a fall into disobedience and sin in a Garden of Eden. Therefore regardless of we face, Jesus will relate them to our situations and will assist us to go through it all. He is a very close friend in that we will talk to him any time of the day concerning anything we face. Every time he is there, through thin and thick to help us in.

Receive Holy Spirit as the helper and the companion in your own life

Holy Spirit is being sent to be the guiding presence and the power in the life we are living. He always guides us in everything; the helper for whatsoever happens. Living a Christianity life, you will recognize the sins, and on how you can overcome them together with given the power to do the same thing. He is the engine, the motor who drives us onward and he gives us the strength when no one is there to strengthen us. Holy Spirit assists in our flaws, and make us intercede for us. Jesus is our head and Holy Spirit is in our hearts, nothing which will stop us to live completely as per the God’s will and to be completely and totally joyful.

Receive the victory over sin and all things which make you feel miserable

Lust, impatience, anger and jealousy are not pleasant things for one to experience. To live according to the sinful nature is like trying to hold the wind. This will leave you miserable and empty and constantly requiring more, getting for the satisfaction of the lusts. Desires which we experience which goes against the God’s will. Likewise, when you desire for anything that is sin and is also known as sin in a flesh.” Even though the expression of the youthful lusts, it is often recognized as a sin in connection with the sinful sexual lusts and desires. This includes anything which goes against what is right and good in the God’s eyes. Once you are victorious over the sin, you then find yourself very joyous. The perfect and the heavenly joy which will not leave you when feeling miserable and empty is by living a Christian life.