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How to Be An Outstanding Christian


Christianity requires its believers to live an exemplary life. This would serve as a way of showing the community the right path to follow. Living an exemplary life has a lot of rewards. Each outstanding Christian faces challenges and tests. How you face these challenges and handle them would define you as an exemplary Christian. Some of the things you may do to practice an exemplary Christian life include:

Follow Jesus’ Examples.

Christianity calls for all its believers to follow the examples of Jesus Christ at all times. The Bible quotes Jesus telling His followers to love their enemies and those who prosecute them. A Christian should practice love to all as they love themselves. It would reflect the example of Jesus who showed love to all and healed all.

Read and Practice What the Bible Says.


In the Bible, God gave Christians the Ten Commandments which would guide us. Christianity encourages a follower to listen and execute the word of God. The ten commandments should also guide a Christian to lead an exemplary life. They should be righteous and remember that man does not live on bread alone.

Pray and Repent Your Sins.


Human beings are bound to sin at any time. We may sin and repentance is the best way to cleansen our sins. Being humble before the Lord as a Christian makes you an example. We should repent our sins through prayers and ask God to lead us through righteous paths.

Christians should learn to forgive others also which is called for in the Bible. Having a forgiving heart shows the example of Jesus Christ Who lives in us. Pray for all in the church and the society without discriminating. Prayer opens a way for anyone to receive blessings from the Lord.

Stand By Your Faith.

Being swayed from your Faith may be easy during tough situations. Christianity calls for its believers to stand by their faith at all times. You will always face trials as a Christian and how you hold to fight the struggles would define you. Do not let anyone show that you are weak in Faith. You should be able to show them the strength of serving the Lord.

Understand People’s Perspectives.

You will meet and walk with a lot of people during your Christian life. As a believer, you should be able to understand people’s points of view. The views may be different, but it would be exemplary to stand by what is right. Always remember to pray for peace and understanding and it would help you through.

Practice Patience.

A Christian can pray to God to give them understanding and perseverance. Tribulations may face you at any given time and patience is vital. Pray for challenges facing you and be patient for the Lord to open ways for you. God’s work would be a testimony for people to believe in. People around you would love your character, and that would be leading an exemplary life.

Be Kind to All.

One of the fruits of the Holy Spirit is being kind. A Christian should be compassionate at any given time. Kindness defines you as a true Christian. Kindness is visible through how humble a Christian can be. Kindness ensures that all those around you think well about you.

Fellowship With Other Believers.

As a Christian, You should be able to interact with fellow believers. Attend church services and also attend different seminars. Don’t judge fellow believers since you are supposed to live an exemplary life. Always share your views openly to all.